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Dedications from the Old Site


Lori Anderson, mother of one angel

Max Jamison, mother of one angel

Shilah Cantrell, mother of Baby Trey

Eileen Patzman, mother of one angel

Allison Sue Weathers, mother of Corbin Clyde

Carrie Toth, mother of Our Baby

Kimberly Rosengrant, mother of Shaelin Mayne

Jeanette, mother of Baby Angel Blake

Fiona, mother of one angel

Amos and Kim Greene, parents of Our Precious Angels

McCartney, mother of Spencer

Lori Agee, mother of Angel Agee

Liz Pokorski, mother of one angel

Mrs. Afreen D. Khan, mother of Hanzalah

Johanna, mother of one angel

Jill, mother of Eva

Karen and Kurt, parents of Baby Regling

Pam and Mike Dapkus, parents of two angels

Linda and Eric, parents of Mitchell Vincent

Amor and Tammy Agdeppa, parents of Adam Sinforoso Agdeppa

Marlene Wilkinson, mother of one angel

Michelle and Michael, parents of two angels

Vicki and Brad Seals, parents of Baby Seals

Megha, mother of Mihir

Mark and Michelle, parents of Little M

Michele McComb, mother of Ronnie

Roli, parent of Fredrick and Easter

Sandy and Cory Grisham, parents of Caitlin Renee

Shelley Sessler, mother of one angel

Stacey and Jake, parents of one angel

Todd and Nikki King, parents of three angels

Sarah, mother of Alexis


Kimberly Mason, mother of November Love

Jennifer, mother of Samantha and Parker

Nicole and Steven, parents of Angel Ricketts

Linda and Greg Jones, parents of two angels

Tina and Mike Alverson, parents of Shane Michael

Lori, mother of Sergei Loren

Tiffany and Jay, parents of Gweneth and two other angels

Wilma, mother of Aurora

Stacy and Bob, parents of Robert Daniel

Susan, mother of Karah, Shaelynn, and Jellybean

Stacy, mother of Tristan Bailey

Julie, mother of of one angel

Carrie, mother of Baby Dircks

Christina and Todd Birman, parents of Casey Lee

Alisha, mother of one angel

Dawn, mother of Anjoli

Jennifer, mother of Pea2

Chris, Kay, and Janna Stephenson, family of three angels

Noelle Kurtin and Chris Rutledge, parents of one angel

Susie Lo, mother of one angel

Nickie and Nick Cook, parents of one angel

Stacia Hazlett, mother of Sadira Reed

Paula, mother of JC

Amber Samuel, mother of Gwyneth

Kendra, mother of Jonathan Ryan

Julie and Bob, parents of Austin or Brianna

Linda Coffey, mother of Brian Keith Erksine and Kenneth Steven Coffey, Jr.

Beverly Pennington, mother of one angel

Jenie, mother of Love Lee

Melanie and Jeremy Harris, parents of Olivia Marie

Angela Patterson, mother of Davis or MacKenzie

Jennifer, mother of Jared William

Pamela, mother of Noah and two other angels

Melissa, mother of Jordan or Tahj

M. Richmond, parent of Hope Richmond, Authur Meadows, and Angel Richmond

Mary Ellen, mother of Kelly and Gabriel

Laura Ter Haar, mother of Chloe Jo

Lori and Bruce, parents of Abbie

Marleen, mother of Anthony

Lori and Brent Metzger, parents of Adam Michael

Maria Martinez, mother of one angel

Shaunte Baker, mother of William Van Simpson and two other angels

Lynn, mother of Tina Marie

Tina, mother of Dennis/Debbie

Mrs. Chan, mother of Choy Shin and Chee Kiong

Sara and Brian Bethard, parents of Garret Baily

Amy Weitzman, mother of Christian Alexander

Kelly and Don Spiro, parents of Joseph Aaron Grace

Beth, mother of two angels

Kevin and Pam Robertson, parents of Kristopher, Kolten, Adam, Seth, and Alexis

Stacey, mother of Kelcey

Katie, mother of Alexander Sabastion Laviathen or Destiney Dream

Elaine and Dan Hodgson, parents of two angels

Jenine Gambrell, mother of Amber Nicole and Nicholas Christopher

Karen Walker, mother of one angel

Larraine, mother of Allison or Christian

Greg and Celeste, parents of Little Squishy

Amy Walker, mother of Chael White

Susie and Ronnie, parents of five angels

Nancy and David, parents of Laney

Malachi and Shamekia, parents of Micah O'Shea and Baby 3

Mindy Mackin, mother of one angel

Maranda, mother of Faith Elizabeth and Brandon Scott

Julie and Curt Keicheval, parents of Hope

Laura, mother of Sawyer

Rick and Laura, parents of Chloe Jo

Melvin and Linda Ingram, parents of Merrielle Rose

Fernanda Moura, mother of Hermano

Marcy Rivera, mother of Benjamin and two other angels

Ann, mother of Celeste Josephine

Kreg and Casey Riedemann, parents of Kennidy and two other angels

Ed and Kathy Paulson, parents of one angel

Lisa Boudreau, mother of one angel

Sarah and James, parents of Christian Escobar

Jamie and Kara McCarthy, parents of Jamie John and Thomas Joseph

Susan and Andy Macyko, parents of Nicholas

Sandy Brown, mother of Nathan

Allie and Dad, parents of four angels

Denise Granberg, mother of one angel

Michelle and Chuck Schilling, parents of Matthew Joseph

Shari and Hollie Pruitt, parents of Dalton Bradley

Jack, father of Allison and two other angels

Anna and Mike, parents of Jacob and Halie

Jennifer and Tom Ventimiglia, parents of Brendan

Diana Hoverson, mother of Joseph and Sarah

Kari Rhoderick, mother of Kaitlyn and three other angels

Jaimie Romo, parent of Whitney Ryann

Becky, mother of Jessey Lynn

John and Jody Nance, parents of Baby Nance

Sara and Birch Ditto, parents of Sara Elizabeth

Tiffaney, mother of one angel

Juanita, mother of Baby Kirah

Susie Wahlquist, mother of Erik

Johnny and Tonya, parents of two angels

Cait, mother of Hope

Tina and Sheldon Mead, parents of three angels

Kimberly and Silvino, parents of Silvino, Jr.

LaWanda, mother of Taylor

Teresa, mother of one angel

Larry and Staci Maricle, parents of Baby Maricle

Teresa, mother of Marianne Buzard

Laura and Chad Frick, parents of William

Pat, mother of nine angels

Trina, mother of Allison

Margaret Ferguson, mother of Taylor

Trena Rodrigue, mother of Cody Lane

Shanna and Chad Clark, parents of one angel

Lindsey and Chad Cox, parents of Carson Cleo

Lisa Lopez, mother of one angel

Brenda Dalaune, grandmother of Jacob

Shanna Pearce, mother of one angel

Tiffany, mother of Raymond and Gabriella

Tammy Geckle, mother of TJ

Tisha Hunt, mother of Zackery Eion

Nichola Boone, mother of three angels

Melinda, Barr, mother of Savannah Grace

Tracie Jeffs, mother of Ashley

Tami Rodriguez, mother of six angels

Cindy and Jack Rector, parents of two angels

Suzanne Chauffe Tullia, mother of Micheal Lynn

Debra, mother of one angel

Dawn Christerson, mother of Baby Christerson

Julie Hardaway, mother of one angel

Laurie, mother of one angel and twin angels

Ed and Wendi Simons, parents of Nicholas Mateo

Alonzo and Teresa Bagorio, parents of Halley Marie

Ed and Julie, parents of Baby Ball and Samuel

Cathi, mother of twin angels

Heather, mother of Ashley and Baby Angel

Jen, mother of one angel

Patrick and Sherry, parents of Makenna

Rebecca and Shane, parents of five angels

Amanda Brimhall, mother of Baby Carr

Pamela Brackett, mother of one angel

Cathy Yaulavich, mother of Baby 1 Y and Baby 2 Y

Vernita Patterson, mother of Dondi and Laverne

Gretchen Henry, mother of Samuel

Nancy Marsh, mother of Little Baby Marsh I and II

Regina Boyles, mother of Hannah Grace

Annette, mother of Daphne Zak

Halley, mother of five angels

Katja, mother of Leevi

Patti and Jeff Baute, parents of Christian and one other angel

Jamie and Jeff, parents of Tyler Sauer

Crystal and James, parents of Katilynn Nicole Rose

Cynthia and Christopher Crowell, parents of Kristen Amber

Heike Aide, mother of two angels

Kimberly, mother of three angels

Keisha Bullard, mother of Baby Bullard

Renee Schaaf, mother of Kayri and Angel

Marci, mother of Stephanie Rae Hilton

K&M Ryan, parents of Bree Ebony

Faith Yamamoto, mother of Sunshine

Lorna McLeod, mother of Matthew Donald Currence

Lisa, mother of L.T.

Terri Underwood, mother of Kellie

Janne, mother of one angel

Mary Cote, mother of Angel Cote

Kimberly, mother of one angel

Sam and Sara Lord, parents of Paul Lucia

Kristen and Vince, parents of Branson (L'il B)

Kerry Zych, mother of Kristin Ann

Audra, mother of one angel

Laurie Rolfsmeyer, mother of Angela Marie, Daniel Allen, and Abby Rose

Sotonya Gordey, mother of David Gregory

Andy and Stephanie, parents of Baby Parmley

Karen Braden, mother of Chloe

Todd and Becky, parents of one angel

Tracy and Chris Patterson, parents of Kyle

Sharon Ingram, mother of two angels

Tammy, mother of one angel

Charlotte and Jon, parents of Jack and Jacy

Steven Rector and Amy Anders, parents of Leighton Rector

Adam and Amy Kirsch, parents of Adam Wesley

Aurelia and Rob, parents of Sprout

Allison, mother of Casey

Chelsea Putnam, mother of one angel

Melissa, mother of one angel

Yvette and Craig Moten, parents of Pea Pod

Tasha Baum, mother of four angels

Melanie, mother of five angels

Heather and Victor, parents of Isaac

Crystal, mother of one angel

Kim and Scott, parents of Alex/Donovan

Melinda and Scott, parents of Eshe

Therese, mother of Elias and Camille

Forrest and Gail Choate, parents of Gabrielle Marie

The Alexanders, parents of one angel

Lynn and James, parents of Baby Herbert

Charlotte and Simon, parents of one angel

Thomas and Marnie Butler, parents of Angel Jody and Mercy Joni

Kim Brancheau, mother of Kyle and one other angel

Lisa, mother of Alena and three other angels

Donna, mother of Grace

Meg, mother of Speck

Cathy Smith, mother of one angel

Kerri, mother of one angel

Allison, mother of Grace

Michelle and CC Lewis, parents of Baby Lewis

Michelle and Lee, parents of one angel

Amanda Roberts, mother of Stephen John

Jennifer and Tom, parents of Angel Mcclain

Kirsten and Jason Drennen, parents of Makayla Renee, Nathaniel Colt

Teresa and Jim Weaver, parents of Benjamin Marion

The Cannons, parents of David William Scott

Tommy and Brenda, parents of one angel

Sheri Mezick, mother of Colleen

Wendy and Thomas, parents of Kelly Melissa

Dawn and Jason Johnson, parents of Lane Christopher

Jessica and Randy, parents of Baby Priddy

LeMetrice and Steve Lane, parents of Jordan and Morgan

Kourtney, mother of Anfernee Saivon

Tracie and Steve, parents of Brett Steven

Chelan and Tim, parents of Timia and Timothy

Nina Hunter, mother of Jasmine, Jada, and Noah

Vicky Foley, mother of Alexis Danielle

Elizabeth, mother of Arden Rhys

Ann Brownsberger, mother of Alex

Sue, mother of one angel

Lisa and Phillip, parents of Lydia and Landon

Heather Lloyd, mother of Baby Lloyd

Tracy, mother of Baby McKenzie

Kaia Coartney, mother of one angel

Tracy, mother of Baby Calvert

Miranda, mother of Darin Krystofer

Tracy, mother of two angels

Bridgette, mother of Annie Rose

Kim Pruitt, mother of one angel

Aurelia and Alberto Bonfiglio, parents of Audrey Luciana

Tara Manning, mother of Tyler James Manning Jackson

Dee Dee, mother of one angel

Karen Mullins, mother of one angel

Denise Ousley, mother of precious baby

Rachel Wren, mother of five angels, including one set of twins

Kelly, mother of Riley

Amy Jones, mother of Baby Jones

Anne and Scott, parents of Alex

Teresa Lee, mother of Kevin Arthur

Grace and Kyle Moylan, parents of Jennie

Margie, mother of four angels

Sunshine Uribe, mother of Anissa

Pam, mother of two angels

Jessica, mother of Avery Miquel, John LaMonte, and three more angels

Renae and Brian Williams, parents of Deryn Brice

Ann and Marc McCarty, parents of Marc Jr.

Jackie Arnone, mother of three angels

Jennifer and Lee McLaurin, parents of William and three other angels

Lisa and Kelly Anderson, parents of Sweetie Heart

Kathy Rogers, mother of one angel

Stephanie and Alphonzo Alright, parents of Masai

Kristi Weinert, mother of two angels

Jen and Keith Hauser, parents of Bailey Cox

Silver, mother of Tristin Charles

Bonita Lynn McGarvey, mother of one angel

Jennifer, mother of two angels

Brett, mother of Charlotte Kimberly

Andrea, mother of Rhiannon Dawn

Lynn, mother of three angels

Cathy Nunn, mother of Heather and one other angel

The Warrens, parents of Baby Warren

Debbie and Liz, two sisters who each had an angel the same day

Jennifer Walker, mother of Baby, Devon Paul, and one other angel

Carissa and John, parents of Ariana Juanessa Tinkler

Stacy Vann, mother of one angel

Natasha, mother of one angel

Lori Hawkins, mother of one angel

Angela and Ryan, parents of Chase

Philllipa, mother of three angels

Rhonda and Neil, parents of one angel

Janet Brown, mother of two angels

Stephanie Reeves, mother of one angel

Jo-Ann and Sterling, parents of one angel

Della Benson, mother of Eric Benson, Jr.

Michelle, mother of one angel

Beth, mother of Alexis

Belinda, mother of Brian Michael

Dainyell Wilson, mother of one angel

Amy, mother of Chanel Starr

Margie, mother of three angels

Leisa Hurley, mother of one angel

Jenny, mother of one angel


Pam and Steve, parents of two angels

Lisa, mother of one angel

Laurie, mother of Hope

Mike and Julie, parents of one angel

Kathy, mother of one angel

Linda, mother of three angels

Dianne, mother of twin angels

Erin and Andrew, parents of Bridgette and Cassidy

Kacee and Wayne, parents of two angels

Tracey, mother of Rielly

Bobbey, mother of Chandler Paul

Julie and Mike Walsh, parents of Gavin

Becky and Deon, parents of Christian Lee

Mara and Raúl Gómez, parents of Luz Angela

Sandy, mother of twins Michael and Mark and Baby

Melanie, mother of two angels

Mark and Tracy Shuey, parents of Katya Dawn and Bethany Kaye

Danielle, mother of one angel

Shannon and Marc, parents of three angels

Jenn Caufman, mother of Sarah Rose and two more angels

Amy Johnston, mother of Ian McConnell

Stacey, mother of Baby Shafer

Nadine Hielscher, mother of one angel

Cindy and Jerry, parents of Katie Angel and Madison

Renee and Kyle Roach, parents of Brandon Matthew

Connie, mother of Tasha Rhiannon Anne

Karen, mother of Zoey

Karen and Mark Johns, parents of Andrew

Leslie, mother of Michael and another angel

Tracey and Brian Yorke, parents of Kira

Lori and Don Kinnison, parents of Chris Eve and Maylee

Elizabeth, mother of one angel

Chrisse and Shane, parents of two angels

Amy Fleischer, mother of one angel

Mary and Jon, parents of Jesse and Rene

Eldon and Jean Mason, parents of Preston Gabriel

Lisa and TJ, parents of Timothy Luke

Susan and David Orozco-Canino, parents of one angel

Solidia and Bill, parents of two angels

Kellie Fields, mother of Lawrence Tyler Boyd

Jennifer B, mother of Dylan and three other angels

Wendy and John Rossman, parents of Carly Ann

Joanna and Corey, parents of Jacob

Jennifer, mother of Robert Steven and Jessica Lynn

Samantha and Aaron, parents of Aiden George

Theresa and Tony, parents of May

Coral and Paul, parents of one angel



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