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Facts about Miscarriage Privacy Statement

You should always know what information is being gathered about you, particularly in a site such as this, which is very private.

First of all, Facts about Miscarriage will not sell or give our information about you to anyone. Information available the public includes the following:

  • Anything you write in an Angel Dedication is available to anyone who visits the dedication page. These pages, at the end of each year, are archived and are still available for viewing. Should you ever wish your dedication to be removed or changed, please email Deanna, the web mistress, and let her know.
  • Any comments you make in the "Send a Note" category can be read by anyone who accesses the "Read the Comments about this Site" page. If you list your email address or URL here, it is available to all. Again, should you prefer to have this information removed, just email Deanna.

Our counter service also collects the following:

  • Generic information about your browser type, your screen resolution, your computer's operating system, the search engine you used to reach our site, and your Internet service provider. This information is gathered so that Deanna might know how many people are visiting, where her site is listed, and what the web site looks like on other computers. It is not stored anywhere and is used only for statistical purposes. Nothing that would identify you as a person is collected, and no cookies are placed on your computer. This generic information could be viewed by anyone accessing the Facts about Miscarriage statistics at You may read's privacy statement as well.

Some of you write me personally. I always respond to these emails, and I keep a copy of this correspondence for my own reference.

I plan to add a new service in the future where we will collect medical information so that we might discover some statistics on the type of miscarriages, frequency, and recovery methods of those who visit this site. Our privacy statement will be revised to cover these more touchy issues at that time.


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